The collection of bad debt is our main and only focus.

This is all we do – and we do it well.

We have expertise and the proven track record to recover your money efficiently and effectively.

Ross Collection Solutions is a Pittsburgh law firm focused on a debt collection practice tailored to a smaller number of accounts for individuals, smaller businesses and professional practices.  Our clients typically do not have the time, tools and resources to pursue accounts that have not paid their bills.

When your a small to medium size business, you often need a Debt Collection Attorney that specializes in recovery options for your business. We combine the unique attributes of both a licensed attorney with a long history of debt collection.  This unique skill set provides you with an advantage when searching for a Pittsburgh based Debt Collection Attorney.

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In the State of Pennsylvania, the statute of limitations on contracts is four years. Most collection cases involve a contract
Debt collection-Know your Debtor
Before you begin a debt collection case, you should be familiar with your debtor’s background and in particular, their assets.
By providing a product or service, you expect as a business owner to receive money in exchange. When someone fails