Attorney Richard S. Ross

For more than thirty years, Attorney Ross has practiced law in Pittsburgh. His legal background includes working with insurance companies in the area of subrogation. Subrogation is the process of recovering money that Insurance Companies pay out on claims. It is a “collection process” for the insurance industry. Attorney Ross is still a member of a large international insurance company subrogation team handling cases throughout Pennsylvania.

The same tools and techniques used in insurance subrogation are used in any type of collection case.

He has transitioned his practice into a firm that now just does collections. Whether you have one delinquent account or many, you will receive the same attention on each case.

We do not work for clients who have hundreds or thousands of accounts that are handled on a completely different automated platform.

Your debtor will know that the debt is being handled by an aggressive, experienced, and effective attorney who can quickly adapt the strategy needed for a successful collection.


We are a debt collection agency that will use the debt collection procedure that works best for your unique situation. Unlike most debt collection agencies that can only send out letters and make phone calls, then decide which law firm to hire, we’re already a law firm. So there is never a delay. We keep the recovery process moving forward.

  • Debtors know we are serious
  • Debtors can’t attempt to sell or hide assets
  • Debtors have to respond

Debt Data Base

Few law firms specifically do debt collection. We concentrate on it. We have the social media tools, databases and access to Court records at our fingertips. We locate the debtor and qualify the debt and assets. We quickly and accurately determine the likelihood of recovery, all before spending your money.

We combine the unique attributes of both a licensed attorney with a long history of debt collection.  This unique skill set of being a debt collection attorney provides you with an advantage in your debt recovery process.

ROSS COLLECTION SOLUTIONS WILL MEET YOU, FREE OF CHARGE, we’ll discuss your case and outline the strategies that are just right for you.

Be sure to check out our FAQ page to learn more about the debt collection process and how we can help you.