By providing a product or service, you expect as a business owner to receive money in exchange. When someone fails to pay, though, you might be forced into pursuing debt collection strategies to receive the money that is rightfully yours. 

One of the first and most powerful methods of collecting on a debt is the act of writing a collection demand letter. If you have tried to collect on the debt yourself, you might be surprised that receiving a debt collection letter from an experienced Pittsburgh debt collection attorney often works in obtaining the compensation you deserve. 

Why Legal Demand Letters Are Powerful

Notices from a business owner that demand payment can be influential, but formal debt collection letters from an attorney often carry much more weight. 

An official document often holds substantial weight in any court proceeding that you might have to pursue if the party continues to refuse to pay after receipt of the letter. 

Relying on a lawyer to send a debt collection letter also makes sure that the non-paying party receives proper notice and that the letter complies with all relevant laws. 

Not to mention, demand letters can help increase the speed with which you receive the money that you are owed. 

Some of the other benefits that parties realize through using a lawyer to send a demand letter include:

  • Letters sent by debt collection letters better summarize the details and facts at issue in your case
  • Legal demand letters promote settlement and give the non-paying party one last chance to remedy matters before you pursue a lawsuit
  • Debt collection lawyers adhere to all applicable laws including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which means that you are not at risk of losing out an amount because you did not adhere to requirements
  • These letters preserve your legal remedies and begin the clock for interest charging.

While debt collection lawyers sent by an attorney are a powerful tool, you need not pay a high retainer or steep legal fees. Instead, Ross Collection Solutions can immediately send a powerful demand letter to obtain the results you deserve. 

We frequently send demand letters because they are one of the best ways to quickly increase your chances of collecting on a debt. 

What a Legal Demand Letter Should Include

Some of the elements that you can expect to be included in a demand letter sent by a debt collection letter include:

  • A statement of the facts involved with your case. This will include details about the services performed or products provided and what the agreement was.
  • A figure addressing the amount of money the non-paying party owes and how much you expect to receive. The letter will often also include how this figure was determined.
  • A definite due date on which you expect the non-paying party to compensate you to avoid further legal action. 
  • Details about how and where the party should pay you. 

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If your debt collection efforts fail, contact Ross Collection Solutions today to draft an aggressive demand letter to obtain the money you are owed. We are also not afraid to pursue litigation, if necessary. You have nothing to lose at this point, and everything to gain. 

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