Research shows that many small businesses fail to follow through on the right to receive payment. Many times, non-paying customers bank on the assumption that companies will decline to pursue compensation if they experience difficulty in doing so. As a result, non-paying customers either create hurdles to extend the length of time that it takes to receive payment or sometimes even outright refuse to provide payment. Compounded with these challenges is the fear that a company will either lose the non-paying client or gain a reputation for being too aggressive with customers. Fortunately, at Ross Collection Solutions, we know what it takes to pursue compensation from even the most resistant clients and we are dedicated to fighting for the results you deserve.


Common Excuses in Commercial Collection Cases

While there are very few good excuses for a company to avoid paying a bill or to pay a bill late, at Ross Collection Solutions, we’ve heard non-paying customers raise a list of excuses to avoid paying clients. These boilerplate defenses should not be given validation, instead, they should be recognized as a client’s continued refusal to pay.

Fortunately, we anticipate these responses and not how to respond to them. Some of the most common excuses that we encounter include a payment has already been made (which clients frequently claim even if this is not true), the goods for which the customer owes money are defect, late, non-conforming, or untimely, lack of accord and satisfaction, lack of jurisdiction, lack of service, lack of standing to sue, or that the services provided were unsatisfactory to the client’s wishes. 

With the assistance of a skilled debt collection attorney, many of these defenses can be handled without needing to proceed to court. Instead, non-paying customers can be forced to spend time and additional fees to defend the reason why they are rejecting payment. Whenever possible, we make the customer pay you without having to proceed to trial or defend.

The Payment You Deserve

Not only do we know how to make sure that clients pay, we are also skilled at making certain that you obtain the amount that you are owed. One of the many complicated nuances of debt collection is that partial payment can sometimes extend the life of a debt and revive the existing amount. As a result, we urge clients to keep thorough payment records about accounts. Sometimes, a partial payment can end up reviving the entire amount that a debtor owes. At Ross Collection Solutions, we understand that it is not just important that you get paid but that delayed or missing payment for services rendered can have a negative effect on your cash flow.


Speak with a Skilled Debt Collection Attorney

At Ross Collection Solutions, we have decades of experience making sure that small business owners and professionals receive the money they are owed. Not only are we dedicated to making sure that you obtain compensation in general, we also remain dedicated to making sure that you receive the entire amount. Contact us today at (412) 973 – 0666 today for assistance.