At Ross Collection Solutions, our clients frequently cite a number of early signs that a client will be hesitant to pay. Some of the most common indicators that clients will refuse to pay include customers who are: insulting, late with installment payments, mistrustful, named as defendants in other breaches of contract actions, never satisfied, resistant to pay upfront deposits or retainers, and subject to existing judgments and liens. Despite the precautions that a business owner might take, it is impossible to entirely eliminate the risk of doing business with a client who refuses to pay. Fortunately, Ross Collection Solutions has experience responding to clients like this and knows what steps to take to make sure that you receive the payment that you are owed.

Why You Should Contact a Debt Collection Attorney

When customers refuse to compensate businesses for services rendered, there are numerous tactics that are often used to postpone or decline payment. Some of the most common patterns of non-paying clients that Ross Collection Solutions have observed include clients who: argue that services were never received or that services were not acceptable, claim that a bill or invoice was never received, decline to pay because business is bad, offer to call back but never do, state they’ve sent payment when it actually not been sent, or simply refuse to respond to attempts to collect money. Odds are that non-paying customers who use these tactics have experience escaping payment of outstanding debts. As a result, these customers often know how to avoid collection efforts when legal counsel is present. By contacting a seasoned debt collection attorney, however, your odds of obtaining a payday increase significantly.

How to Maximize Your Chances of Receiving Payment

There are some important steps, or the “three C’s”, that small business owners in Pittsburgh can take to greatly increase the chances of receiving payment from a client, which include the following:

Credit policy. Establishing a credit policy that is personalized to your company’s financing, growth, and risk can better position you for situations involving non-paying customers. If you are uncertain about how to establish a credit policy, Ross Collection Solutions can help.

Collection policy. A collection policy that features adequate documentation, timely invoicing and periodic follow up and can increase the chances that you receive payment from a client. Even if a debt collection attorney is still required, collection policies can help to provide current contact information about a client that makes it easier to pursue payment.

Collection attorney. One of the best ideas to make sure that you receive payment from the non-paying customer is to obtain the assistance of a collection specialist who understands the unique demands of your company. Fortunately, Ross Collection Solutions has helped many small businesses and understands what it takes to obtain money from clients who refuse to pay.

Speak with a Seasoned Debt Collection Attorney Today

One of the tactics employed at Ross Collection Solutions that greatly increase the chances of receiving compensation from a client is that we used a direct approach to communicate with non-paying customers. We frequently initiate cases by asking the non-paying customer, “How would you like to pay?” As a result, it is easier for us to determine what our strategy to obtain payment should be. While we are able to resolve some outstanding debts outside a court of law, we are also not afraid to pursue legal action. Contact Ross Collection Solutions today by calling (412) 371 – 7500.


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