One of the most unique elements of debt collection is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, each case must be handled in a unique manner. One of the reasons why each case is unique is that the breach of an oral or written contract is involved. The terms of these contracts are often personalized to the parties that are involved. Fortunately, the skilled debt collection lawyers at Ross Collection Solutions are able to analyze a case to determine the best ways to respond so you receive payment. For example, in some situations, a debtor’s properties will be sold within 30 days which means that traditional methods will take too long. Instead, in these situations, emergency motions to a Pennsylvania court for Orders of Attachment or Temporary Restraining Orders that prohibit the transfer of assets are often the best option.


The Role of Debt Collection Letters


While it is true that the elements of a debt collection case are never exactly the same, Ross Collection Solutions frequently uses debt collection letters to initiate action against non-paying customers. Sent through certified mail, these letters require a non-paying customer to provide payment often within 45 to 60 days. Non-paying customers, however, frequently want to put you to the test to determine if you are fully committed to pursuing the money you are owed. Many non-paying customers know that not every creditor will actually pursue a lawsuit to collect what is owed and instead assume that not everyone is willing to pursue all possible measures to receive payment. As a result, while receipt of a letter demanding payment is sometimes enough for a client to provide payment, more serious measures are often required to pry dollars from the hands of the non-paying customer.


What to Do if a Debt Collection Letter Does Not Work


Many clients think that a customer who owes money will immediately pay after receiving a debt collection letter from an attorney. This is unfortunately not true. In situations where a client does not pay and the claim is collectible, Ross Collection Solutions often recommends that a client pursue a lawsuit. It has been our experience that more than 50% of cases settle after the non-paying customer receives a summon and complaint. As a result, you should not be concerned if a collection letter does not result in payment because there is often still a strong likelihood that a payday will occur. At Ross Collection Solutions, we have helped many clients pursue payment in a court of law and understand how to navigate the obstacles that arise.


Speak with an Experienced  Pittsburgh Debt Collection Lawyer

If you need assistance collecting money from a non-paying customer, the legal counsel at Ross Collection Solutions is ready and able to take your case to the point of payment. We understand just how frustrating a situation small business owners face when customers refuse to provide payment, which is why we will remain committed to making sure that you obtain the money you are owed. Contact our office today by calling (412) 371 – 7500.


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